When will Instagram give away a gift card?

Instagram is indeed popular. There is no doubt about that. Many of you are looking for the exact time there will be a gift card giveaway there. Don’t be too desperate for that. After reading this, you will surely know when it will come your way.

instagram gift card giveaway

First, check people you are following on Instagram.
Are they regularly friends you know around you?
Do they plan to use the giveaway option on Instagram in the future?

Understanding the kind of persons you are following is important.
Let’s say I following someone that might just write a simple text during my Graduation. Or visit my house to give me a gift. How do I expect a gift card from such a person?
I have to tell them, hey, during my graduation, buy a gift card for me through Instagram. That way, I will be getting a giveaway.

Celebrities sometimes give gift cards to their followers. But it can be un-used before you try to redeem it. The fastest person matters.

So, what exactly should you do?

Let me write it this way. Instagram as a platform will not give out any gift card. You can only get it from friends or followers. If it is from a popular store, you can sell amazon gift cards to get naira. This is if it is from Amazon. Other gift cards can be sold there.
You can receive Bitcoin as payment there if you don’t live in the currency-supported country.

Tell your friends to send you a gift card on Instagram during any special occasion are cool.
I think that is the best way to say you got a giveaway. Actually, should it be called that?
I don’t think so. You can just say that your friend gave you a card to redeem on any store as a gift.
It is quite okay that way.

You can start by talking to your friend about it after reading this. Just let them understand that know the answer to what you have been searching or waiting for. They might have been looking for the same thing.

If they don’t understand how it works, try it with them. You have nothing at all to lose. Both of you can pay for a gift card, share and test to see if it works.

I would like to share an iTunes gift card with the first 10th person that comments on this post.
Let me start the gifting thing on this website.

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