Fantastic way to play Battlefield

Battlefield is owned by EA game and supported by GameSpy; which is a shooting game. This game can be played with game pad or the keyboard. The keyboard goes together with mouse for direction while the game pad goes together with the joystick. This game has a single player mod and a multiplayer mode. If you want to play the single play, you either select the instant or campaign battle. You can select the multiplayer mode which has to deal with the internet, local or create game. The single player mode and the multiplayer mode have the same method in playing it.
This game contains lot of difficult missions which I will show you the perfect way to play and also how to get rid of your enemy. Battlefield game needs a lot of knowledge in order to play it so you have to follow these steps.
After choosing the mission of your choice, then choose the gun of you want to use to fight. The first secret is to spawn on the place you can find your fellow men so that you will go along with them. If a player wants to get to his or her enemy’s camp quickly then make use of the aircraft, armored car or the tank. Assuming the battle is in the sea, you have to make use of the ship or the speed boot.

how to play Battlefield
When using the armored car you have better chance of hitting your enemy’s armored tanks. You can also use the aircraft to show your enemies. Now, you fire with all passion but don’t move closer so that they won’t get you easy. If want to work on feet, you have to be prepared because everything is going to deal with you. The thing you have to do is to shoot your enemy in a corny way by firing the gun on him and dodging the bullet whenever he wants to shoot. Hide before reloading your gun; this will help you so much. Target before you fire, to prevent waste of bullet.

Battlefield weapons list

When you are been shot, continue immediately. A player can also use a short gun, knife, and bomb or even hand combat when your bullet is finished. If you don’t want to do this, you have to pick your dead enemy’s gun and move on. Never give up when playing the game; just have in mind that you will win.
You are even capable of controlling your soldiers using any key from F1-F12.

Victory is yours when you make use of these fantastic methods in playing the game. Like I said earlier, you can play with your family and friends using the multiplayer mode. The soldiers are super easy to control. So, don’t you think it’s an amazing game to play this season? Check any store in your location to get nice copy.

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