Tip van Clash Of Clans


Een van de snelste games via internet en Android telefoons is de botsing van clans die meer en meer populair onder jongeren en adolescenten die zowel van toepassing is. De uitstekende graphics, verschillende en innovatieve functies concept opgevolgd met gefascineerd jonge geesten. Echter de bijvangst in het spel, het is zeer verslavend en heb je te besteden geld om te kopen, edelstenen en andere dingen. Dientengevolge, uiteindelijk je betaalt voor edelstenen en middelen om te voltooien van het snelste spel. Een eenvoudige oplossing voor dit probleem is het gebruik van de confrontatie van de clash of clans hacks 2014.
Gaan sneller met het spel
de hacks kunt vooraf sneller met het spel zoals u niet hoeft te wachten voor resources of edelstenen als ze leeg zijn. Kunt u zo veel edelstenen en bronnen als u nodig hebt met behulp van de botsing de clash of clans tip 2015. Dit bespaart tijd tijdens het spelen en houdt ook het enthousiasme om het spel te spelen.


Tip van Clash Of Clans


de hacks kunnen een heleboel geld besparen. Dit is omdat wanneer u edelstenen of middelen uitvoert, u met geld voor een run het spel vlot kopen moet. Dus wanneer u het spel zorgvuldig en bij een verlies van middelen, je de neiging om te veel geld die vaak later gewond. Om dit te voorkomen, kunnen de hacks gratis toegang hebben tot alle edelstenen en middelen worden gebruikt. Dit kan helpen om een heleboel geld besparen.
Beëindig het spel volledig
vaak mensen vervelen en het spel laten halverwege als gevolg van verlies van juwelen van middelen. Dit kan worden vermeden door gebruik te maken van de Clash van Clans truc die het enthousiasme om te voltooien van het spel kan rechtvaardigen. Voor meer informatie bezoek Clash of clans hack

Download Pokemon go beta release

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its cult Pokémon saga, Game Freaks and Nintendo have not hesitated to see things in very large, to offer surprises of madness fans! Yes, it is far time or was played Pokémon on his little Gameboy.Photo contest, nostalgia moments, special events, exceptional distributions of Pokemon discover what surprises the saga reserve us for celebrate its twenty years must be! You will see that there is something for everyone! This year 2016 will send the dough, as promised in this video, in which missing still not bad surprises in the program! And you, are you going to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon this year?

An official website and a hashtag #Pokemon20 on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube invites now all fans to share their finest moments Pokemon.
Distribution of Pokemons ! Each month, a new Pokemon legendary exceptional will be distributed to the players. MEW, Darkrai, Arceus and many others will be at the venue for epic fighting! These distributions will be compatible with V = X, Y, Rubis Omega and Sapphire Alpha versions!
Special extensions Generations for the card game collectible Pokemon, history we dive back to childhood! For the Pokémon TCG, special collections are also available, which each pack will include a unique Pokémon!
For moviegoers, the first films Pokémon will have right to their digitally remastered! Thus, first movie, Pokémon 2000 movie, Pokémon and Pokémon 3 will be soon redistributed, to the delight of nostalgic fans! And the film unreleased Pokémon XY & Z will also this year!
Regarding bundles, unreleased 2DS red, blue, green and yellow packs have been announced in Japan, with a portage first Pokémon versions on the next gen console.You can download the game now.
Concerning the games that will make their exit in 2016, heavy in the program, since the long-awaitedPokémon Z should soon see the day, as well as the mobile game Pokemon GB, and the combat gamePokkén Tournament !
Goodies of all kinds will be there also, like this super plush, or this book history full of the Pokémon saga.

Snapchat 5 cool Tricks | Growing social network



Snapchat issued addicted millions of people around the world. And if you are one ofthose who can no longer live without, here are some friendly tips that allow you totake unique snapshots or more broadly to enjoy 100% the famous application ofephemeral photo sharing!

Retrieve older “Lenses”

Since September 15, Snapchat to take crazy selfies (see our tutorial) via the function “Lenses” (lenses). Unfortunately, the list of lenses changes every day. Want to findlenses that turned you in person aged or hero of manga vomit Rainbows? Here‘s how!

On iOS, go to settings-> General-> Date and time and turn off the “Auto”option. On Android, go to settings-> Date and time and disable the option“Automatic time”. Warning, it is best to reset the settings by default once you finishtake you selfie with Snapchat!

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Apply two filters to a photo

Did you know but it is also possible to apply two different filters on a same photo.How? Choose first a filter; then press the screen with a finger to maintain the firstfilter, front of scroller with another to select the second filter. For clarity, please feelfree to take a look at the Vine below (or see here if the media does not appear)!

Save its data

Snapchat is a sinkhole to data. A hell for users who do not have a good Internetpackage. Fortunately, the application includes an option which, when activated,prevents the automatic download of the Story and sent Snaps. Go to ‘Settings’, then inthe part ‘manage additional options’, select ‘travel mode’.

Change the name of your contacts

This tip is to book at the Serial Snapchatteurs that follow hundreds of people. Do youhave difficulties to find those to whom you usually send your Snaps? Don’t panic, youcan change their names to identify more easily them (and thus avoid sending acompromising photo as it arrived recently at a British). Select a contact, click the wheeland choose the option “Edit name”. And voila!

Write a caption without character limit

Put a caption to the Snaps is a true Calvary, and this due to the character limit.However, it is possible to override this limitation. To do this, open a note pad, copyempty text and paste it into the text box of your legend. It is enough for you to moveyour cursor to write as many characters as you want. Note that this trick only works oniOS of the application version.

Easier add friends

For users who do not know their friends account info, Snpachat also embeds anoption that allows to add contacts easily, provided that the latter are in the vicinity. Todo this, go to part “add friends” and select “Add friends nearby”. Simple and effective.

Get a colorful easily filter

There is a clever method to apply a filter of color on your shots. Choose a color ofyour choice emoji, zoom so the emoji covers the entire screen and then slide on theedges to give the impression that a filter has been applied. He had to think. Seeexplanation in Vine here if the media does not appear.For snapchat score visit our website for generating free snapchat score hack.Enjoy the score and boost around with less efforts. 
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Facts about social empires cash tool

Social empires cash tool is just the thing you have to submerge in this incredible social game. It is the unpredictable multi-hack device in five separate hacks consolidated and prepared for use. Each of them has different tab, which will be represented in shortly after the content. Since April, 2014, with new efforts aimed at establishing security social has taken to reinforce the social empires insurance against piracy and cheating, many cheats stop working. This increase tool of piracy is the instrument of extraordinary multi-hack made by 2015, and in this minute one of the rare true place of life expectations social empires cash tool accessible on the net.

social empires cash

Social empires resources global has five or less tabs integrated, but tab connect is the most important because it applies anti-Ban measures and establish the connection with the server before you apply any other hack tool. The social empires hack cash tool has an elegant, user-friendly interface and using the connect tab is very simple and easy. First step enters the e-mail address that is connected to your gaming account. Following two steps are important for your safety and effectiveness of the hacks that you will use. There is no option for proxy, so don’t worry about that. You are safe with out protected server. It is capable of hiding your game id and IP game playing address, and is crucial for the proper use of the social hack generator. It is not so important for the use of the cash hack or social hack tab so that you do not need to activate it in this case. Second option is the mode of connection, which can be in the best safe mode and also in super faster mode. The appropriate use of these options will be explained in the notice of every social empires hack free cheat tool tab.

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Is there no way for stopping aging?

This is one question i asked myself this morning after seeing my papa grow old gradually. I don’t see it as a funny thing. Google can’t provide me with an article on how to be normal without growing old. I don’t want the surgery way, since it is risky. Most people that did it never survived. I can decide today to take it as a mandate to look for drugs or way of making one through herbs that can stop aging, even though i am not a medical student, i think there is a possible way and must really find out how it can be done. Wish me luck. LOL.

age no more

You may say i am so silly, that doesn’t mind or affect my decision. If i succeed in this, you might be the first to call me up for a tablet, when i think medical professionals might have confirm my research and acknowledged it to be working or the government approving it as very useful. I may decide to use my skills in computer programming to build a micro chip that can be inserted into human body, which will certainly stop aging. Is that not fantastic? No doubt you will like to have it done on you. But i will need a test subject, animals can do the magic.

In all existing scientist, there is non thinking of such idea of anti-aging. It is like when i thought of building a teleporting machine, but found out, humans have lots of atoms that won’t be possible to work on. But if there had been a way of extracting those molecules and storing it in a vessel, that may work, but on a lifeless person.

Nevertheless, i write codes, so aging program is my next project. I will be able to make myself immune to old age. So staying longer than any papa or mama. Then after 10 to 15 years, sell it to big companies or work as an instructor to my program.

As it is known that the world is changing every day and new things which you think that is not possible are becoming to happen. Find your own clue and see if you can help the world.